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Angry Black Woman Jealous of Kim Kardashian (1comments )

...then changes her tune when confronted...

Big Mouth

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Sep 26, 2011

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Sep 25, 2011

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Black Women Celebrate being Welfare Queens (1comments )

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Mar 30, 2009

Indicators of sexual irresponsibility and promiscuity (208)

Determining if Black Women are sexually irresponsible and promiscuous seems difficult. But the contrary is true; it's rather easy. It's easy because there are five clues (or indicators) showing Black Women are sexually irresponsible and promiscuous.

In the past it's been argued since a Black Woman's sex acts are (typically) private they can't be used as indicators of sexual irresponsibility or promiscuity. However, these clues don't involve being present during each of their casual, indiscriminate sexual encounters.

These are publicly accessible indicators that cannot be denied or hidden.

Only five indicators need to be considered. They're directly related to sexual irresponsibility and promiscuity. The indicators are:

  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Abortion
  • Out-of-wedlock child birth
  • Stds
  • HIV/Aids infections

Overall, Black Women have a horrible record in these areas. It shows a disregard for their own health, the health of their children, and the health of their partner(s).

First, let's look at the relationship among these indicators. They all have something in common: they arise from irresponsible sexual behavior. Also, the likelihood of any indicator occurring increases with the frequency of irresponsible sexual behavior.

An unplanned pregnancy indicator, in particular, leads to two other indicators: abortion and out -of-wedlock birth (unless status is 'married', in which case said mothers are outside the scope of this discussion, but another discussion may include them).

The STD and HIV/AIDS indicators stand alone.

Secondly, let's define a few terms.

Sexual Irresponsibility is characterized by an absence of rational and moral decisions involving sexual behavior. Sexually irresponsible people are, therefore, unaccountable; they seem thoughtless regarding sexual behavior.

Promiscuity is characterized by having indiscriminate casual sex. By 'indiscriminate', I mean lacking good judgment and discerning selectivity. By 'casual', I mean with indifference to consequences and without regard to practicality.

Thirdly, let's see how Black Women compare to: 1) overall occurrences of these five indicators; and, 2) specifically White Women.

The specific comparisons to White Women are necessary because 49.9% of Black Women like to claim White Women are equally or more sexually irresponsible and promiscuous (in the form 'White Women do it too'). And 49.9% of Black Women like to claim only White Women do it.

Unplanned pregnancies
An unplanned pregnancy is an untimed, mistimed or unwanted pregnancy. Untimed or mistimed pregnancies occur before the desired time and the mother intended to become pregnant at some point in the future. Unwanted pregnancies are unwanted at the time of conception or in the future.

The unplanned pregnancy rate measures how many unplanned pregnancies occur per 1,000 women of the same group.
statistics unplanned pregnancies for black women and white women
  • Among all women: 88/1,000
  • Black Women: 98/1,000
  • White Women: 35/1,000

The percentage of unplanned pregnancies measures the percentage of total pregnancies in each group that are unplanned.
statistics unplanned pregnancies for black women and white women
  • Among all women: 51%
  • Black Women: 69%
  • White Women: 40%

The abortion rate measures how many pregnancies result in abortions per 1,000 pregnant women of the same group.
statistics abortion rates for black women and white women

  • Among all women: 32/1,000
  • Black Women: 64/1,000
  • White Women: 17/1,000

The percentage of abortion measures the percentage total pregnancies in each group that result in abortions.
statistics abortion percentages for black women and white women

Among all pregnancies 19.1% result in abortion.
Black Women: 37%
White Women: 12%

Out-of-Wedlock Child Birth
Out-of-wedlock child births for both Black and White women are noticeably close for the groups under 15 years, 15 years, and 16 years. I'm not surprised nearly 100% of mothers from those age groups are unmarried.

As the women grow older and mature, their judgment about sexual behavior, reproduction and marriage improves...or should improve. This indicator shows the maturity grows with White Women but not Black Women.

As White Women enter the appropriate ages to marry, their rates of out-of-wedlock births drop. By comparison, the rates of out-of-wedlock births to unmarried Black Women sky-rocket as they enter the appropriate ages to marry. To highlight this alarming statistic I've enclosed the relevant percentages, for the ages 17 years through 40 and over, in red boxes.

Both statistics (out-of-wedlock birth rate and percentages) are on the same table below.

The out-of-wedlock birth rate measures the birth rate to unmarried mothers per 1,000 mothers in each group.
  • Among all women: 47.5/1,000
  • Black Women: 67.8/1,000 (*this rate includes Black Women of Hispanic origin)
  • White Women:30.1/1,000
The percentage of out-wed-lock births measures the percentage of total births in each group that are to unmarried mothers.
  • Among all women: 36.9%
  • Black Women: 69.9%
  • White Women: 25.3%
statistics single mothers black women and white women

In the following graphs, keep in mind Black Women are a disproportionate minority population. Yet, the disparity reverses regarding high risk sexual behavior.

The rate of HIV/AIDS diagnosis for black women (45.5/100,000 women) was about 23 times the rate for white women (2.0/100,000).

Diagnosed cases of HIV/AIDS
This figure measures the percentage of total diagnosed cases each group represented.

hiv aids statistics for black women and white women

  • Black Women:66%
  • White Women:17%

HIV transmission category
This figure measures the percentage of each common method of transmission; each group of women become infected (note the Black Women's high risk sexual behavior/contact).

hiv aids statistics for black women and white women

What percentage of each group became infected with HIV/AIDS from high risk sexual contact?
  • Black Women: 74%
  • White Women:64%

The CDC states on their FAQs page, "the greater the number of sex partners, the greater the risk of infection". And they're right. I can't think of a better testimony to what I've said all along.

The chlamydia rate measures the cases of chlamydia per 100,000 person in each group.
  • Black Women: 1906/100,000
  • White Women: 249/100,000

The syphilis rate measures the rate of syphilis case per 100,000 persons of the same group.
  • Black Women: 5.6/100,000
  • White Women: 0.4/100,000

Having sex is enjoyable--in moderation. And by moderation I don't mean just have a little bit of sex. I mean you should selectively and judiciously preside over your sexuality. Don't be afraid of sexuality. Embrace it. Moderate it.

The community will respect you for it, and your life and the lives of your loved ones will be better for it as well.

Most Black Women don't realize they are behaving sexually irresponsibly, which is why they become promiscuous in the first place. If you're worried you might inadvertently be sexually irresponsible and promiscuous, try looking in the mirror. If you see a Black Woman looking back, the chances are high you're both.

Black Women who are intentionally being sexually irresponsible and promiscuous never ask themselves the question; they already know the answer.

Just be sure you aren't using ignorance and deflection as a substitute for responsible sexual behavior. Using statistics and indicators of sexual irresponsibility and promiscuity as a guide, it's not a hard conclusion to draw...Black Women suck.

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