Jan 25, 2009

10 Year Old Boy Dead (2)

Take a look at the Black Woman in the photo. Her name is Melissa Sekulski. About 10 years ago she made a choice to become a mother to a boy named Jaquan.

Jaquan died December 26, 2008.

She's accused of "stuffing him full of junk food and beating him with a belt buckle before finally ending his life by brutally slamming his head against a wall". (Read more...)

Thank you, Melissa, for convincing me this blog is truly needed after all.

And before any smug Black Women or male enablers mouth-off about "where's the father", he tried for several years to see Jaquan. And the system failed him & Jaquan while enabling a trifling piece of trash to skip around town never sending Jaquan to school. A system that is likely staffed by a herd of overweight, ineffiencient & ornery Black Women.

It's not a hard conclusion to draw...Black Women suck.

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