Jan 25, 2009

10 Year Old Boy Dead

Take a look at the Black Woman in the photo. Her name is Melissa Sekulski. About 10 years ago she made a choice to become a mother to a boy named Jaquan.

Jaquan died December 26, 2008.

She's accused of "stuffing him full of junk food and beating him with a belt buckle before finally ending his life by brutally slamming his head against a wall". (Read more...)

Thank you, Melissa, for convincing me this blog is truly needed after all.

And before any smug Black Women or male enablers mouth-off about "where's the father", he tried for several years to see Jaquan. And the system failed him & Jaquan while enabling a trifling piece of trash to skip around town never sending Jaquan to school. A system that is likely staffed by a herd of overweight, ineffiencient & ornery Black Women.

It's not a hard conclusion to draw...Black Women suck.


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MacPhale on February 11, 2011 at 7:53 PM

They Female Infested Injustice System has Neutered the power of the Court. The Court has no Balls and No Power over a Female who fails and refuses to obey a Court's Order for Visitation. The Judge will not fine a woman money, or take her Driver's License away from her like they do men for not following the Courts Order for Visitation. She has no money and she has Kids to take care of so she slides and the Child does not get to see his/her dad. The Judge will not put a woman in Jail for Contempt for not following the Court's Order for the same reason; she has kids to take care. I put up with this Crap in Arapahoe County Colorado. The Judge Ordered Supervised Visitation because the mother of my twins committed perjury when she lied and told the Court that I raped her and molested the kids. For four years I paid the Child Support and filed weekly Contempt Motions against the Mother. The Judge could not and would not hold her in Contempt. I filed Relinquishment papers and the Judge found that I did nothing to the mother or the Children and granted my Motion and canceled all future Child Support payments. When I put the mother on the stand, I stated, “You have told the Court that I raped you right? She answered “Yes.” I then stated, “You have told the Court that I molested the Kids, right? She responded, “Yes.” I then asked her, “Then you would not have any objection to my relinquishing my parental rights to the kids would you? She said “No.” Her free attorney at tax payer’s expense jumped in the air and said “I Object.” The Judge said sit down Miss Cooper, the Court has heard enough. I had to get the mother’s permission in order to relinquish. I later wrote the mother and asked her if I could see my kids for cash and her letter from her recanting the allegations. She gave e the letter, and I gave her cash each time I wanted to see my kids. They are now 20 and call me dad. The Judge had asked me if I knew what I was giving up. I said nothing. I have never had any rights to my kids because the Court could not help me and if you the Judge is unable to breathe life into the words in the law book then they are meaningless. Now you know why there are so many fatherless children. Momma chased him off and hid behind the Judge’s robe. For more details Email macphale@gmail.com or call 1-800-722-9529.

kishawilliams2003 on February 14, 2011 at 1:28 PM

ur just mad that u have little or nothing 4 a woman of any color 2 suck, looser!

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