Feb 13, 2009

Black Women Commit Murder For Disrespecting Them

30 year old Morris Wilson made a mistake by hanging out with more than zero good-for-nothing Black Women at a time. It's as if he wasn't aware these women are a broken cigarette away from killing him.

To make matters worse, Wilson broke another obvious rule by hanging out at a Black Woman's home. Independent Black Woman (i.e. Black Women supported by our tax dollars at some point in their life) will defend their cigarettes and punish disrespectful visitors by murdering them.

Clockwise from top, right: Carmelita Hall, 25; Miesha Nelson, 25; Roslind Ball, 23; and Tiffany Cox, 25

As it is, Black Women in groups are Cunt Cabals. His next mistake was being around a Cunt Cabal and arguing with one of its members over a broken cigarette. After being asked to leave, he was followed and stabbed by the Cunt Cabal approximately 20 times. While he lay dying or dead, the Black Women dug through his pockets thinking he might have some money.

Meet the Chicago's Cunt Cabal: Tiffany Cox, 25, Carmelita Hall, 25, Roslind Ball, 23, and 25-year-old Miesha Nelson.

Almost 100 collective years of stupid, ugly, bull-dyke feminism gone awry (the appropriate feminism tactic would be to make a False Allegation of rape or Domestic Violence). These are four of the most obnoxious unmoisturized faces ever. I can barely breathe looking at them.

It's reported Nelson first stabbed Wilson then passed the knife to Hall while the others kicked and punched him during the first attack. Witnesses distracted the Cunt Cabal and Wilson managed to stagger away, but soon the attack continued.

All four Black Women are charged with 1st degree murder & armed robbery. Read whole story...

These pigs can't even think forward past five minutes, yet, these morons want to commit murder--over a broken cigarette and 'disrespect'. In fact, here's a concoction one of these Black Women managed as an explanation:

Officers later followed a trail of blood leading to Cox’s apartment, [Assistant State's Attorney LuAnn] Snow said. Cox told the police she was there alone with her child*, but officers found the other three women heading out the back door, Snow said.

Hall later told a doctor a she received stab wounds on her hand because she used a broken knife and made a “stabbing motion,” Snow said. However, she later told police she got the wounds from cutting a piece of fruit.

Cox admitted to detectives she stomped on Wilson’s head, Nelson told them she stabbed Wilson once and took his coat and Ball said she kicked him, Snow said.

*Of course she's a Black Single Mother!

The lesson here is if you're partying at a woman's home, and she's a single mother, and three of her friends are there, and you're wondering if it's safe to break a cigarette, determine if they are Black Women. If they are Black Women, presume it is unsafe.

The retail value of one cigarette is approximately 30¢. It's not a hard conclusion to draw...Black Women Suck.


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Anonymous on February 28, 2009 at 6:03 PM

You are a stupid brainwashed. Illiterate dumbass bitch. Get a life. You are freaking stupid.

Anonymous on March 1, 2009 at 2:56 AM

white people do the same thing. what about those white men who kidnapped that black girl and tortured her for days for no reason??

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