Feb 8, 2009

Black Woman Kills Children Who are Possesed By Devil

A mother found in her home with the decomposing bodies of her four daughters was charged Thursday with murder after reportedly telling investigators that the children were possessed by demons and died in their sleep.

Banita Jacks, 33, was charged with four counts of first-degree murder and appeared in District of Columbia Superior Court.

The bodies of the girls - ages 5 to 17 - were found Wednesday when deputy U.S. marshals served an eviction notice at the apartment in southeast Washington.

Jacks told investigators that the children were possessed by demons and began dying in their sleep, one by one, within a seven-day period, documents say. She also said she had not fed her children for a substantial time before their deaths.
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It's not a hard conclusion to draw...Black Women suck.


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Anonymous on April 29, 2012 at 11:54 AM

My freshman year in high school was the first year of forced intergration. I can remeber having black women pregnant in high school talking about how they were collecting welfare and whites should have to pay for it. The school was a cesspool of crime and drugs you could not enter the bathroom without fear of getting robbed. The doors would have to be chained before school started to keep blacks from beating and intimedating white students. Cars were vandalized and one teacher was beaten on campus. This was 1970 and now in 2012 blacks through section 8 housing have taken over white communities and have brought gang warfare to once peaceful white neighborhoods. Blacks make up about 13% of the population but commit 56% of all crime. Just watch the tv show Parking Wars and you will get an idea of america today. Blacks rack up thousands of dollars in tickets but do not care in the least about it. If blacks don't care about basic traffic laws they sure don't care about things such as robbery and murder. Wake up america and smell the integration.

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